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Hong Kong History

During the year 1839, the Opium War erupted between the countries of Great Britain and China. As a result, the island of Hong Kong was placed under the control of the British nation on January 20, 1841. By August 29, 1842, Hong Kong was officially given to the government of the United Kingdom with the signing of the Treaty of Nanking. Upon the establishment of Victoria City, the United Kingdom also established its own colony by 1843.

During the reign of the British government, Hong Kong experienced a steady rise in population. By 1841, there were approximately 115,000 inhabitants from China, as well as 8,754 individuals from Europe by the year 1870.

Following China’s loss in the Opium War, Stonecutter’s Island and the Kowloon region were placed under the rule of the British forces during the year 1860. A fatal epidemic of the plague spread to the city during the year 1894, which caused the death of up to 100,000 locals.

By 1898, the British government was able to lease the island of Lantau for 99 years. It also included the nearby areas along the north, which was later called New Territories. The territory of the island of Hong Kong was retained until the present time. I know a guy who does gutter cleaning that went here and said it was an amazing site and would love to go back.

Throughout the first part of the twentieth century, the island became a bustling harbor area, which served as Continue reading 

Hong Kong – Popular Places to Visit

Hong Kong is a busy city in the south-eastern part of China. This city has a unique blend of modernity and tradition. It is popular for a variety of Chinese cuisines and shopping destinations it has to offer. If you are planning to spend a fun filled relaxing holiday with your friends and family then Hong Kong is the perfect destination for you. There are a lot of tourist attractions in this city bustling with people and it is sure to keep you entertained throughout your holiday.

With a population of around 6.9 million people, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. And my buddy who owns pressure washing Lawrenceville told me he has never seen a place so crowded. Its vibrant, bustling atmosphere offers visitors a unique and exciting break from Western culture and the wide range of attractions in Hong Kong can prove an unforgettable experience.

Some of the famous Places to visit in Hong Kong are mentioned below:

* Hong Kong’s Disneyland is sure to transport you to a land of magic. There are activities to keep you busy all day long. There are also a number of stores from where you can buy souvenirs and Disney memorabilia for your friends back home. The Disney characters found throughout the park will surely entertain you.

* The Hong Kong Zoological Park and the Hong Kong Botanical Garden are among the oldest in the Continue reading