Hong Kong Annual Events

Chinese New Year

The biggest event is definitely Chinese New Year, the most colorful festival you have ever seen. You will experience the best the city has to offer as you explore old traditions like slipping into temples to pray for good fortune in the new year, or stroll through the many markets and open air shopping though out the city as you look for interesting food and unusual finds. You will see red lanterns hung throughout the city, it’s very beautiful.

The festivities include amazing parades with floats, performers and dancers, dragons, fireworks, and all kinds of thrilling moments. My friend who is a roofer at http://www.bufordroofingco.com/ went here a few years back and totally loved it.

Dragon Boat Carnival

In Hong Kong, an ancient Chinese festival has become one of the world’s greatest parties — the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival. This event takes place on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month, normally in May or June in our calendar. Every single year this event brings people, all kinds of boats, food and drink to the beautiful Victoria Harbour.

There are hundreds of international teams and the Carnival hosts a series of events and races throughout the summer months. This is a thrilling race and you’ll want to be in a good position to see it.


Winterfest is the best way to give you that warm, comforting Christmas feeling (even if it’s as warm as a British summer). Along the waterfront, buildings are lit up with Christmas lights while shop windows are decked out with traditional Christmas scenes. But come towards Statue Square to find the best attractions. A huge tree (previous years have seen 30 foot ones made out of Swarovski crystals) can be found in the middle. There is shopping galore in the area with shops selling everything from Christmas decorations to gifts of food and wine. Funfair rides add a carnival feel as do various light installations. There are many opportunities to celebrate during this wonderful time!